We'd like to thank you for joining us at AtoZ. Please fill out the form below, and also read the information below. 

The contract will be printed out and signed by both parties as soon as possible.  

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Dave Thayne


President:  David Thayne
Vice President (Nezu):  Athena Komatsu
Team leader (Nezu):  Athena Komatsu
(Kuboshima, Arisaka, Sean, Shelley , Glenn)
Team leader (Kasuga):  Kaori Furusho
(Kobayashi Nanako, Endo Remi, Jaime, Alex, Trish)
Nezu First Floor Manager: Fuzuki Kobayashi
English School Kasuga Manager:  Jaime Jose
Consultant:  Mogi-san


Information from Official Employment Contract (To be printed out and signed)

Official Employment Contract
This Employment Contract (“Contract”) is made this [  th] day of [month], [year], by and between AtoZ (employer) and [full name] (employee). In consideration of the mutual promises and agreements set forth in this Contract, AtoZ and the employee agree as follows:

I.    Employee’s name:        _____________________________________
II.    Working conditions:
1.    Contract period:        (Ex.) April 19th, 2016 to April 20th, 2017  (one year) 
2.    Position:            English Instructor / Translator / Proofreader    
3.    Wages:
            i.    Salary:            ##### yen/month    
            ii.    Training/Trial period:    3 months                        
            iii.    Transportation:    Reimbursement provided

III.    Payment
Salary from the 21st of the previous month to the 20th of the current month will be paid by the 25th of the current month. Salary will be deposited into the employee’s bank account. All required deductions (Income tax, local tax, etc.) will be deducted from the employee’s monthly salary. The amount deducted will be based on Japanese law. The payment shall include reimbursement for the least expensive form of transportation to and from the employee’s regular (registered) residence. If the employee moves, he or she shall notify the employer of this promptly.

IV.    Resignation
If the employee wishes to resign, a minimum of 20 regular business days written notice must be given.  

V.    Training/trial period
1.    The training/trial period will be for a period of 90 days from the starting day.
2.    During the training/trial period, the employee may be dismissed immediately for serious infractions of the Code of Conduct, or with two-weeks notice when it is deemed that the contract will not be extended beyond the training/trial period.
3.    At the completion of a successful training/trial period, the employee will be offered a position with health insurance and welfare pension in accordance to the Social Insurance System (amount will be deducted from the employee’s salary).   (remove for part-time)
4.    During the training period, the days worked will be paid on a prorated daily basis equivalent to the starting monthly payment for a full month.   

VI.    Visa sponsorship
AtoZ may agree to sponsor the visa of an employee. If an employee is unable to secure a visa for any reason, the employee will be terminated immediately.

VIII.    Code of conduct
The employee agrees to follow the Code of Conduct and understands that failure to do so may result in termination.

VII.    Other
This contract has been drawn up with the complete understanding of both parties undersigned. Furthermore, this contract has been made, and shall be interpreted and enforced under the Labor Standards Act of Japan.

The employee and employer agree to the terms above.
Signature (employee):                         Date:             
Address in Japan:
Home country address:
Residence card No.: 
Visa status:
Visa expiration date: 
My Number:        
Signature (employer):                         Date: 

Address:        What’s Next Corporation  Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Nishikata 1-19-1
            or    AtoZ English Ltd.  Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, Nezu 2-20-1


    A to Z BASIC POLICY!!!     

HELP 積極的にほかのスタッフをHELPしよう 会社はひとつの船 お互いの助け合う気持ちを忘れずに!

ASK 原稿やスケジュールに関して、わからないことがあったら待たずに聞く「知りませんでした」「わかりませんでした」は禁句

PLAN 自分の仕事が終わったあとの仕事の企画を考える 常に自分のやりたいことは考えて提案する姿勢で 待ちの姿勢ではダメ。

KEEP  CLEAN オフィスは会社の顔でみんなのもの 自分の机はもちろん、トイレ、水まわりなどオフィスはきれいに使うことを心掛けましょう。気づいたらゴミを拾う、汚れを拭くなどしましょう。また講師の場合、生徒さんが深いに感じないように、清潔な服装などを心掛けましょう。

GREETING あいさつはコミュニケーションの基本 自分から声かけよう 事務所にくるお客さまはエートゥーゼット全員のお客様 自分以外のお客さんや生徒さんにも元気にあいさつ!

ON TIME 打ち合わせ、レッスンなど3分前には準備完了していること スタート時間にはすでにスタートさせていること。


<New employees will need to sign the following.>

Code of Conduct

All Employees shall be responsible for following the Employee Code of Conduct and ensuring their conduct is in compliance with the Employee Code of Conduct.  

Employees' off-duty hours are their own personal concern, but care should be taken to ensure that there is never any conflict between official duties and private interests. While a full-time employee of AtoZ, the employee shall agree not to seek or accept any other work or employment arrangements from another company or individual without the express opinion of the President of AtoZ.

The employee shall be careful to dress in a manner appropriate to the image of the school.  In principle, this shall include, but may not be limited to, the following:  

    Shoes should be dark business-appropriate shoes.  No sandals. No white gym shoes. 
    No short pants.  
    Shirts should be dress shirts with collar, that one would wear a tie with.  
    A tie is normally not necessary.
    A suit and tie may be required under special circumstances. 
    No Levis or denim pants are allowable. 
    Hair should be kept in a business-like manner.

    No personal net surfing at work.  
    No games or Net recreation.
    Personal e-mails and telephone calls should be kept at a minimum.  

    Being late for classes or other important appointments is grounds for dismissal.  Once or twice a year is forgivable, but more than three occasions a year will result in a warning.  More than five a year will result in almost certain dismissal.  

    Starting from six months after the training period ends, employees receive a 10-day vacation period, including any days taken off for sick leave or other personal reasons. You must give notice for a day taken off at least two weeks in advance. Please also be sure that other employees can cover for you.  When the number of permitted vacation days is exceeded or if insufficient notice is given, then payment may be deducted on a per-day basis.  

You are expected to keep your work surroundings clean and orderly.  We understand that there are ranges of acceptability, but behavior that interferes or irritates other work employees, students, or clients is grounds for dismissal.    

1)    Oral warning
When a problem is observed, the employee will first receive an oral warning.  

2)    Written warning
If the problem is not dealt with in an appropriate manner, the employee will receive a written warning. 

3)    Final written warning
Failure to deal in an appropriate manner with the oral and written warning will result in a final written warning.  

4)    Dismissal
Failure to respond in an appropriate manner to the three previous warnings is grounds for immediate termination.  

I understand and agree to the terms above.  

Signature (employee):    _____________________________   Date: ______________
Address:           ____________________________

<New employees will need to sign the following.>

[For new hires and current employees]

I,                         , have accepted a position at AtoZ Co., Ltd. As a condition of my employment, I understand and agree with the following provisions to which I am bound as an AtoZ employee: 

I understand that in performing the duties for which I have been hired I may see and have access to confidential, proprietary, sensitive and/or private information (hereafter “proprietary information”).  For purposes of this Agreement, “proprietary information” means any fact, matter, document, or file in any form (oral, hard copy, or electronic), disclosed to me or known by me as a consequence of my employment and not generally known outside AtoZ or AtoZ subsidiaries (hereafter AtoZ).  
During my employment and after my employment is terminated, I will not disclose to, discuss or share with any unauthorized person, group or company, inside or outside of AtoZ, any proprietary information, in any form, except to the extent such disclosure, discussion or sharing is authorized by my supervisor at AtoZ. 

I understand that during my employment and after my employment is terminated, the copyright and income from all work I do for publishers and other content providers will be relinquished to AtoZ, and that I will not make any claim of ownership or the right to receive income from such work. I also promise to provide immediate and full approval to the publishers and other content providers that work with AtoZ in the case that they ask for permission for use of such work.  

I will not use confidential information for my own personal purposes or for promotion of activities not within the AtoZ scope of business.  

I will not copy or remove from AtoZ premises materials containing confidential information, except to the extent that I am given permission to do so by my supervisor.  

I will not look at, examine, or retrieve any document, file, or database, except those to which I am not authorized to access and which are not necessary for me to access in order to perform my job duties.  

I will not discuss or share with any unauthorized person, group or department, inside or outside of AtoZ any conclusions that I or others draw from proprietary information, if discussing or sharing those conclusions would reveal any proprietary information.

If I am ever uncertain whether a particular fact, matter, document, or file is covered by this agreement, I will resolve all uncertainties in favor of preserving the confidentiality of that information, and I will seek clarification from my supervisor [and/or the appropriate data steward] before engaging in any conduct that could jeopardize the confidentiality of the information.

If I become aware that a breach of confidentiality has occurred due to my own or others’ acts or omissions, I will immediately notify my supervisor at AtoZ.  

I understand that as an AtoZ employee, I am bound by all applicable AtoZ policies as they now exist and as they may from time to time be amended, including but not limited to the Proprietary Information Policy. 

Upon termination of my assignment or as requested by my supervisor, I will return all material containing confidential or confidential or proprietary information to my supervisor or his/her designee.  

I understand that any violation of the terms of this agreement may subject me to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of my employment. In addition, I understand that AtoZ reserves the right to take further action including referral to the appropriate internal or law enforcement authorities for investigation, adjudication, or prosecution.  

By signing and dating this agreement in the spaces below, I certify that I have read and understood this agreement in its entirety, and that I agree to be bound by its terms both during my employment and after I leave my position at AtoZ.

Name (print):                                



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